With the current market today, interest rates tend to be quite volatile which begs the question, have you got the right home loan? As there are a wide range of loan products and incentives made available by the bank, Loan Connect will be able to sit down with you, re-assess your current loan and find you a better loan product catered to your circumstances and most importantly, with lower interest rates and fees. Why refinance you ask? Refinancing not only provides opportunity, but a peace of mind with an interest rate that’s right for you. Further, it provides you with the opportunity to consolidate all your debts, including credit cards and personal loans, reducing your interest rate and lowering your monthly repayments. Looking to invest or complete some DIY renovations? Refinancing will unlock the equity in your home, giving you the opportunity to fund your next project. Contact one of our specialist brokers for a quick chat and we will advise whether it is worth refinancing your current loan.